Sunday, 5 July 2015

Non veg jokes in english

Quote Of William Sexfear
In Today’s Relationship.
You Can Touch Each Other’s Private Parts,
But You Can’t Touch Each Other’s Cell Phones.
Because They Are Sooooooooooo Private?

Question To A Husband: “Do You Talk To Your Wife After Sex?”
Answer: Depends, If I Can Find A Phone.

Folding Chair & Woman – Both Useless If Legs Closed
Microwave & Girl – Both Get Hot In 15 Sec
Bra & Bar –  Men Go Crazy When They Are Open

Bar Girl Dancing, Public Claping
She Removes Her Top, More Claps
Removes Her Skirt, Louder Claps
Removes Her Bra N Panty, Total Silence ????
Moral : You Cant Clap With 1 Hand (Kyunki Ek Hath Se Kabhi Tali Nahi Bajti)

Compromising With Your Wife.
Doesn’t Mean You Are Wrong & She Is Right.
It Only Means That
Having Sex Everyday, Is More Important Than Your Ego.

Ultimate Abuse Of Boy-Friend And Girl-Friend.
Boy-Friend: “Shut Up You Bitch, Your Pussy Has Been Used More Than Google”
Girl-Friend: “Don’t Talk, You Asshole, I Wear Heels Longer Than Your Dick“

A Million Dollar Advice From William Sexfear
Before Making Any Promise To A Girl, Masturbate Twice, It May Change Your Opinion.

A Business Man Giving Used Condom To His Son To Use As Balloon
After Bursting
Giving It To His Daughter To Use As Hair Band

One Day A Boy Takes His Girlfriend To Eat Pani Puri.
Only To Check Out How Wide Does She Open Her Mouth

Question: “What Is The Difference Between Guilt And  Shame?”
Answer: “Its A Guilt To Sleep With Somebody’s Wife But Its A Shame To Miss Such Opportunity.“

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